A Home That Reflects Your True Self

If you’re like most of my clients, you face every day with the drive to take life one step further.

At work, with friends, with family, and alone with your thoughts, you’re constantly striving for more: Better results, bigger clients, more fun with your loved ones.

You care for those around you. You nurture your hobbies and dreams. And you excel at it all.

But there’s a problem, isn’t there?

Does Your Home Fall Flat?

With a life that’s focused on bigger and better, it’s disappointing when your home doesn’t match up.

Have you found yourself saying: 

  • Getting ready in the morning is awful with these lights…
  • The alarm is a pain to activate…
  • No one can find the right light switch…

Whether you’re coming home from work or you have company over, your home should feel good from the minute you walk through the door. 

Your home should feel like you.

You deserve a home that serves as your hub. A space to ignite your soul, to recharge, and to make your dreams a reality

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Upgrade Your Home. Upgrade Your Life.

Your home is meant to be the space that nurtures you. The place for you to enjoy, relax, and have fun. The place where you get to disconnect and simply live.

After all, this is the space that brings out everything that resides in you. Your home allows you to grow into your own self. It’s the space that uplifts your spirits. Where you find refuge, where you go to dream.

Which is why I love helping you create a well-designed life through a well-designed home.

I’m Aaron B Duke and I Can Help You Transform Your Home (and Your Life!)

I’ve experienced the daily challenges that come with wanting to curate the perfect life. And learned what it takes to match the home you want with the life you have.

During my extensive career, I’ve had the pleasure of working through the many stages of design. From managing new construction, to adding finishing touches to homes, boutique hotels, restaurants, spas, and more. This has given me deep insight into the processes necessary to make your home incredible.

I’ve had the privilege of working with A-list celebrities and high-profile clients. And together we’ve crafted spaces that radically support their vision of success and help inch them closer to achieving it.

My background in art, dance, design, fashion, travel, and theatre — along with my imagination! — plays a key role in inspiring highly globalized and incredibly personalized rooms in your home. Believe me, we can make your friends jealous!


Here are some of the dream homes I’ve helped my clients bring to life.

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What My Clients Say

“My home doesn’t have a true entryway and I couldn’t figure out how to design a living room that is also the entrance to the home. Aaron had the instincts to know what that space actually would need and a way to make it warm and inviting; giving it a real “wow” moment when entering.”

Tracy Falco

“I do not have the skillset to put together a cohesive look for my home. Aaron had the ability to see the big picture even through the smallest details. I had to have faith that his vision would work, and it exceeded my expectations. I have pride in my home. Indeed, it feels like home.”

Kevin Craft Spargur

“I was ashamed of my apartment. I lived in a beautiful building and a great neighborhood, but something was off. I truly didn’t know where to begin or what I was getting myself into. Aaron made me feel safe in my choices and that allowed me to make the ones I truly wanted. I now live in a space that feels like my space, like my home. “

Jake Perlman

Let’s Work Together

It’s time to stop feeling out of place in your home. Let’s upgrade your home so it uplifts you and lets you live a life you love.

Signature Design Consultation

This 2-hour video call provides guidance and all the information you need to plan your home remodel.



How is your home making your life easier and better? Where can it be improved?



With a clear vision of your goals, you can prepare for any obstacles that will arise in the process.


Implement on Your Own

Walk into your renovation project with a solid plan and clear expectations to get the most out of every room.


Retail Therapy

Let’s do some window shopping — from the comfort of your own home! With Retail Therapy, we go on a virtual shopping spree together, through a video call (up to 6 hours).



Prep for our call so we can tackle all of your challenges during our time together.



We work through your goals and you get clear directions to change your spaces.



You walk away with a shopping list, design principles for your space, and a clear action plan.

Plus, you get a Signature Design Consultation for free!


Do It With Me

Do It With Me is designed for those who’d like a professional’s guidance while executing the process themselves.



You get full-blown designs including conceptual layouts and color palettes for each room.



Photo-realistic 3D renderings with furniture layout, floors, plumbing, artwork, cabinets, hardware, and more, personally selected by me.



Receive construction documents you can hand to the contractor to execute, including specifications for everything and access to my curated list of resources.

After we’re finished, you get a one-hour follow-up video call to make sure everything is perfect.

Plus, you get a Signature Design Consultation for free!

Price depends on your specific home. Schedule a free discovery call to receive your quote!

Do It For Me

This package includes everything from all the other packages, plus I execute everything for you.



I handle purchases from placement to delivery and take care of any issues that come up. You receive a weekly report so you stay informed.


Project Management

I’m the point of contact between you and everyone (you only have to talk to me). I meet with contractors, subcontractors, tradespeople, and specialists and make weekly job site visits.


Installation and Reveal

While you’re out of the house for a few days, my team installs and cleans everything. Then you come home to your beautiful new space!

Plus, you get a Signature Design Consultation for free!

*Minimum $50,000 budget for 350 square feet. Price increases per square foot.
*Starting at $17,500.00 for design fees

Schedule Your Free Discovery Call

  • Get a clear picture of the possibilities of your space
  • Receive expert advice to design your dream home
  • Feel uplifted and connected to what (and who!) you love inside your home