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A New Home Designed Around The Way You Live

I’m here to help you connect your home to your spirits. We create a home that reflects how you want to feel. The way you want to live your life.

I’m here to listen to your needs and provide my professional opinion. We get clear on the possibilities and vision you have for your home and how to best turn them into your reality. 

Together we craft space to support your dreams and nurture your goals through intentional design that’s centered around the way you want to experience your home.


Get a clear picture of the possibilities of your space.


Receive expert advice to design your dream home.


Feel uplifted and connected to what (and who!) you love inside your home.

You know the feeling. It’s Home.

What My Clients Say

“My home doesn’t have a true entryway and I couldn’t figure out how to design a living room that is also the entrance to the home. Aaron had the instincts to know what that space actually would need and a way to make it warm and inviting; giving it a real “wow” moment when entering.”

Tracy Falco

“I do not have the skillset to put together a cohesive look for my home. Aaron had the ability to see the big picture even through the smallest details. I had to have faith that his vision would work, and it exceeded my expectations. I have pride in my home. Indeed, it feels like home.”

Kevin Craft Spargur

“I was ashamed of my apartment. I lived in a beautiful building and a great neighborhood, but something was off. I truly didn’t know where to begin or what I was getting myself into. Aaron made me feel safe in my choices and that allowed me to make the ones I truly wanted. I now live in a space that feels like my space, like my home. “

Jake Perlman

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