The World Of Interior Design Is Shrouded In Mystery

Join me as I uncover some of the doubts you may have as we embark on this journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does an interior designer do?

An interior designer can work in projects across different areas:
– Homeowners often hire interior designers to create a unique, personal home concept for them.
– Industries like hotels, restaurants, and even hospitals turn to interior designers to make beautiful functional spaces to provide the best service and experiences to their clientele.
– Architecture firms often have an in-house designer or collaborate with interior designers, like me, to style their own spaces or to provide services to clients.
– Realtors may work with interior designers to prepare a home for sale, guide clients to see the potential of their future dream home, and connect clients with designers to remodel or decorate.
The common thread within these is that, as an interior designer, I craft a space that matches your highest dreams and gives you the spaces to take them to fruition.

What’s the difference between an interior designer and decorator?

Anyone who loves interiors, textiles, decor, and the like can work as a decorator.

However, interior designers generally have specialized training, certificates, college degrees, and more formal education.

The main difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer is an in-depth knowledge of design principles, history, and aesthetics that help me bring new ideas to life.

What is included in interior design?
Whether you need help coming up with a concept for your home, to choose the right technology, organize your spaces and improve storage, or make room for your hobbies, as an interior designer, I’m able to guide you in making informed decisions for your home.

We can walk through your goals and figure out the right elements based on function and looks so your home flows effortlessly with your life.

What qualifications do you need to be an interior designer?

There are countless options for interior designers: certificates, college degrees, and many more.
Some of the most important elements an interior designer needs are a solid knowledge in the field and a strong passion for arts, creativity, textiles, and other aspects of interiors.

Hands-on design experience in the real world is the true test to an interior designer’s skills and the best way to gain momentum.
After all, a college degree without a solid portfolio to back it up doesn’t mean much in the design world.

How do I find an interior designer?

A great interior designer often comes from friends or family. You want to work with someone whose work you’ve seen and feel a connection with. Someone whose style you like, but also can adapt their work to your personal preferences.
After all, your space is about you. Not your designer.

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How does a home remodel go with an interior designer?

Depending on the project you’ve selected, as your interior designer, I can:
– Develop a concept for your space.
– Give you clear instructions on the pieces you’ll need to execute the vision you agreed on.
– Handle procurement for the project.
– Hire and manage contractors depending on the scope of work.
– Take charge of installation and quality control.
All of these will be clarified in the project plan and agreed on between you and your designer.

How does an interior designer calculate pricing for a project?

There is no standard pricing in the interior design industry. Our firm charges a value-based fee.

What skills does an interior designer have?

An interior designer is someone with extreme curiosity, in-depth knowledge of interior decor and style trends, a profound passion for innovation, and a strong sense of style. Your interior designer may devote their career to one or several areas, including:
– Art: Your interior designer may be a passionate art curator and connoisseur.
– Industrial design: They may have a strong knowledge of furniture, appliances, or gadget design.
– Technology: Ingenuity and design go hand in hand. An interior designer can specialize in smart homes, for example, and work with the latest tech to make spaces as techno-advanced as possible.
– Sustainability: Some interior designers specialize in “green” buildings, work with renewable resources, and prefer solar energy, reclaimed woods, and other similar practices.
Interior design combines art and project management to balance out your spaces with the way you want to live.

Interior design combines art and project management to balance out your spaces with the way you want to live.

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You hope to make your home stylish, welcoming, and functional, but your vision doesn’t fit your reality because you lack the time to execute it.

You deserve a home that supports your dreams.

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What My Clients Say

“My home doesn’t have a true entryway and I couldn’t figure out how to design a living room that is also the entrance to the home. Aaron had the instincts to know what that space actually would need and a way to make it warm and inviting; giving it a real “wow” moment when entering.”

Tracy Falco

“I do not have the skillset to put together a cohesive look for my home. Aaron had the ability to see the big picture even through the smallest details. I had to have faith that his vision would work, and it exceeded my expectations. I have pride in my home. Indeed, it feels like home.”

Kevin Craft Spargur

“I was ashamed of my apartment. I lived in a beautiful building and a great neighborhood, but something was off. I truly didn’t know where to begin or what I was getting myself into. Aaron made me feel safe in my choices and that allowed me to make the ones I truly wanted. I now live in a space that feels like my space, like my home. “

Jake Perlman

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