Finally, A Home That’s Designed For You

I’m Aaron B Duke, an Interior Designer who radically transforms your home to enhance the way you live, work, and play.

Is Your Home The One Piece That Doesn’t Fit Your Puzzle?

You constantly feel surrounded by dysfunctional spaces, uncomfortable furniture, and useless stuff.

You want to play music, cook, read a book… But nothing seems to be in the right place.

Is there even a right place?

It’s embarrassing to bring people over because your home doesn’t seem to match who you are. So you isolate yourself or make plans elsewhere when all you want is a nice, intimate dinner with close friends.

Your space doesn’t match your life.

Your Home Shouldn’t Drain Your Energy. It Should Energize You.

You deserve a home that feels like you. A safe haven. An inviting space to connect with your loved ones. Practice self-care. To do the things you love.

Have A Space You’re Excited To Come Home To

No more cookie-cutter rooms.

Latest Technologies

Modern technology provides endless possibilities to make your life better. And make your home yours.

Custom Designed Space

Inspired by your lifestyle, every space enhances your life and helps you live on your own terms. 

Style Meets Purpose

Each room perfectly combines design, function, and emotion to create spaces meant for you to relax, have friends over, and enjoy your hobbies.

You know the feeling. It’s home.

I’ve Felt It, Too

I get it. The stress and guilt that comes with wanting to have a well-designed home and life.

That pang of shame when you hear the door.

“They’re going to find out that I don’t have it all together.”

I understand. As an interior designer, entrepreneur, business coach, doggy-daddy, and partner, I’ve felt the same way.

It took me years to learn how to fuse beautiful design with incredible function. To create a space that empowers you to be your best self. I now know how to take the hassle out of everyday life.

This is why I want to share with you all the skills and experiences I’ve accumulated in one cohesive form to help you pull back the curtains on your life and home and make empowered, well-balanced design choices that support your goals and dreams.

Your home should be the perfect space to feel nurtured and create connections with yourself and your loved ones.

You deserve a home that inspires you to live life to its fullest.

  • Live in a home that supports your passion, goals, and dreams
  • Use your time on the things you enjoy
  • Transform your life with the latest technology to make your home serve you
  • Relax and recharge. And feel ready to conquer the world

My Promise To You


Planning is only the first step. I provide you with what you need to take action to improve your home and life. 


I listen and provide the best option based on professional experience, but you have the final say. 


Every piece has a function, serves a purpose, and is intentionally selected for your home.

Time-Proven Systems

My tried and true systems provide you with confidence that your dream will become reality.


I help you envision your space as a place to support you in accomplishing your goals.


Get a clear picture of the possibilities of your home, including what’s realistic (and what’s not).

What My Clients Say

“My home doesn’t have a true entryway and I couldn’t figure out how to design a living room that is also the entrance to the home. Aaron had the instincts to know what that space actually would need and a way to make it warm and inviting; giving it a real “wow” moment when entering.”

Tracy Falco

“I do not have the skillset to put together a cohesive look for my home. Aaron had the ability to see the big picture even through the smallest details. I had to have faith that his vision would work, and it exceeded my expectations. I have pride in my home. Indeed, it feels like home.”

Kevin Craft Spargur

“I was ashamed of my apartment. I lived in a beautiful building and a great neighborhood, but something was off. I truly didn’t know where to begin or what I was getting myself into. Aaron made me feel safe in my choices and that allowed me to make the ones I truly wanted. I now live in a space that feels like my space, like my home. “

Jake Perlman

Let’s Work Together

It’s time to stop feeling out of place in your home. Let’s upgrade your home so it uplifts you and lets you live a life you love.

Design Only

Do It With Me is designed for those who’d like a professional’s guidance while executing the process themselves.



You get full-blown designs including conceptual layouts and color palettes for each room.



Photo-realistic 3D renderings with furniture layout, floors, plumbing, artwork, cabinets, hardware, and more, personally selected by me.



Receive construction documents you can hand to the contractor to execute, including specifications for everything and access to my curated list of resources.

After we’re finished, you get a one-hour follow-up video call to make sure everything is perfect.

Price Upon Request

Full-Service Design/h3>

This package includes everything from all the other packages, plus I execute everything for you.



I handle purchases from placement to delivery and take care of any issues that come up. You receive a weekly report so you stay informed.


Project Management

I’m the point of contact between you and everyone (you only have to talk to me). I meet with contractors, subcontractors, tradespeople, and specialists and make weekly job site visits.


Installation and Reveal

While you’re out of the house for a few days, my team installs and cleans everything. Then you come home to your beautiful new space!

Price Upon Request

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  • Hear how I can help you

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