Aaron is pretty much awesome. We had a conversation where we went over what my (then completely empty) apartment could look like. I talked about the few pieces of furniture I had in hand, and how I could see them fitting in to my overall design. I talked about my ideal budget, and my reasonable budget. He totally got how I am drawn to an eclectic blend of modern, contemporary, and industrial. He suggested that I work on going basic for some pieces to leave room in the budget for a handful of very exciting signature pieces. He sourced everything and put together a design plan which was fantastic. The first draft was already a 9/10 for what I was looking for. I offered feedback on what I liked and what didn't really resonate with me. He took that information and came up with a second draft. He dropped a few pieces and switched in a few others, and it looks like a smash hit. When it came time to order everything he did what he could to get the timelines to as short as possible. I never had to deal with a single vendor other than to receive items at my home. There were a couple of issues which came up. A glass lamp arrived which was broken, and a sideboard, which I accepted on delivery, I noticed had a significant defect on the face. Aaron coordinated with the two vendors in question to get the pieces picked up and replaced. I know that wasn't easy, but he made it absolutely painless. The last thing I can think of which showed me how wonderful he is to work with.
Summary - he knows how to work with a budget, and how to look for opportunities to rein it in, and when to offer good options worth a bit of a splurge. He made me feel GREAT about doing this as a gift from me to me. He was able to find pieces that spoke to me - particularly ones I might not have given an eye to, but which really fit the picture he put together.

I would very happily work with Aaron again and enthusiastically recommend him.
Posted By: Client Confidential
I believe that Mr. Duke truly focuses on creating interiors that are personalized for the people for whom he designing. I'm a stickler for detail and Aaron pays great attention to details and he has always treated us with integrity and respect throughout the process. His design for us has high quality aesthetics and functionality, both of which matter to me. He created a dynamic that made the design experience a unique one. Aaron and his associates were head and shoulders above my other two previous designers that I have used. I can assure you he will be working on my next home as well and I am actually looking forward to it.
Posted By: - Confidential Client
Aaron Duke is an outstanding designer who is very organized, creative and passionate. I have had the pleasure of working with him on several of his projects and his unwavering drive to fulfill his clients' needs was what set him apart from the rest. I truly enjoy his work and hope to work with him on many projects to come.
Posted By: Ryan WorthingtoN
My standards are very high (I'm a perfectionist) and Aaron met and exceeded them.
When I bought my home and decided to renovate, Aaron's design and oversight made an overwhelming task manageable. I keep him as a top tier referral in my network list & have referred him to several of my clients & colleagues' clients.
Posted By: Confidential Client
Aaron has a eye for space and scale that's difficult to find in an industry of decorators. He is a true interior designer, with some of the best taste curated from years of study and execution. From the moment pencil meets paper, Aaron's visions quickly take form in the most creative and inspiring ways. Space planing, renovation, furniture, material, and textile selections all come together in a perfectly tailored recipe that suits each of his clients needs. I haven't met a single client or colleague who disagrees.
Posted By: Michael Flores
George Cameron Nash

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