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premium shirt staysMy newest wardrobe favorite is these Hold'em premium Shirt Stays.  Made in the USA with soft elastic, I barely notice they are there. They never rub at my legs or tear at the hems of my shirts like some other brands.

Worrying about your shirt coming untucked might seem like a small problem. However for busy professionals whose workday can vary minute-to-minute from high profile client meetings to construction site visits; in and out of chairs, cars and the office to well, wherever the workday takes me. No matter what, staying put-together is a requirement.

A must have for workday luxury, if you wear button down shirts, a high-quality waterproof metal clip is a necessity to keep your shirts in place.  The lever design, with quality elastic that is soft to the touch makes Hold'em's easy to use and comfortable against your legs.  So important for long work days!

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