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sendra duke western bootsOver the years, I have come to appreciate quality and craftsmanship of luxury goods made by hand by artisans who are the experts at their craft.  We live in a society where goods are mass produced, so handmade items, once a community standard and necessity, have become a sought after luxury.  

In October of 2015, while researching men’s fashion on Pinterest, I came across a pair of these cowboy boots; and thought, I had to have these.  Upon further research, on Sendra's website ( I found that the company “Cuts and sculpts the leather, embroiders or pierces every motif setting a boots essence. Then the artist mixes these elements and gives each and every single boot its own character and unique identity. To make a pair of Sendra it takes 250 steps, among them, the named “Goodyear Sewing” stands out as the key in the making process providing the brand’s characteristic resistance joint.

The Goodyear system is considered as a double sewing, which joins the shank and the sole, for quality in every step you'll take. On the other hand, an interior sewing holds the outer leather to the insole and the welt, while another interior sewing ties the welt and the sole for strength and durability. Every boot is provided with a tracking number to identify, which contributes to give them a unique identity.”

Just reading the description of the steps they take to make each boot by hand made me want them even more.  So, I set out to find them.  They did not have a retailer close to me in Los Angeles, which I found surprising.  I wrote them and found that they do sell them on Amazon.

Sendra Duke BootsWell, I had to start my collection with Sendra Men's Duke Western Boot – Duke is my last name after all.  Thanks to Amazon Prime, I had them in two days.  They are one of my favorite boots in my collection.  When I opened the box, I inspected each one.  They were impeccably designed and fabricated.  Of all the boots I own, these are the most comfortable.  I would wear them every day if I could; so of course, I bought a second pair.

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