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As an interior designer who provides bathroom design and remodeling services, I am often the first call a homeowner makes when they want to remodel their master bathroom. They may or may not have a contractor lined up, but they know they want AARON B DUKE to design their new luxury master bathroom.


No matter where the conversation starts, when inevitably get around to the question of cost. With my wealth of knowledge of design, the construction industry, and typical job cost associated with cabinets, finishes, and plumbing fixtures, I can give them a ballpark of the cost associated with the work they want done and the vision they wish to achieve.

Usually, it’s preceded with statements that involve the word “just.”

“I just want to flip the shower and the closet.”

“I just want to bump-out the wall two feet.”

“I just want a higher ceiling in this area.”

Homeowners have an unrealistic idea of all these “just” statements, because someone, somewhere, has said for whatever reason, that job shouldn’t really cost that much.

I hear statements like: You are not really changing anything; The building industry is in a slump and needs the work; My neighbor did it for $6,000.00 himself; and apparently, there are people who do this for free.

Whatever the reason, it often feels like the homeowners have been set up to be absolutely shocked by the real cost of a bathroom remodel. A bathroom remodel is an investment in you and your home.

Here is the reality in Los Angeles: it's tough to remodel a master bathroom for less than $40,000, - and even worse – that is just a start. It is easy for that number to reach $80,000.00 or more when we are talking high-end residential design budgets.

Then comes the, “While we are at it, we might as well ____________ (fill in the black). Add a tankless water heater, add a steam shower, and install radiant flooring. All these additions add line items to the proposal and definitely drive the cost of a bathroom remodel.

Of course, you can always find someone willing to do the work for less. Often times, they are unlicensed, uninsured, and unbounded, which raises a whole host of other expenses should something go wrong.

If you are lucky, that person will be a responsible, talented builder or contractor on their way up, who is still charging unrealistic prices and does not yet realize it. Good for you! Grab them and put them to work.

If you are unlucky, though, that person will underbid your project. Why? Their idea of a quality job is not your idea of a quality job.

The hallmark of AARON B DUKE projects is quality, craftsmanship, and excellence from the design to every single contractor and tradesperson we employ.

Are you ready now to begin that master bathroom remodel?

Contact AARON B DUKE today to get started envisioning your new dream master bathroom remodel.


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