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So, you have decided to build a new home. New construction is a very exciting experience. You get to create your dream home just the way you envisioned it. It is time to put together a group of collaborators – your dream team.

I recently started working on a new construction project. The client had already worked with an architect, had plans, and already was finished with the framing when they contacted me. They have a wonderful contractor that has been a pleasure to work beside. Unfortunately, they contact me a little too late.

It is my opinion that anytime you begin a new construction endeavor, you should assemble a cast of individuals that will be responsible for the design and execution before you begin breaking ground. The architect, the interior designer, and the landscape designer are the top three professionals that I would acquire first.

I describe my business is a luxury lifestyle design and architectural coordination studio. On some projects, I am the Creative Director. I am the liaison between the client, the contractor, architect, and landscape designer. In fact, this is my preferred method of working on a project. It allows for one cohesive aesthetic and direction. It also alleviates my clients from having to meet several different professionals with their busy schedules.

There is lots of coordination to consider. Where the architect places the windows in the bedroom has an effect on where the furniture is placed. That window also creates a view to the grounds of the home. How will the landscape designer create a pleasing view?

There seems to be a trend that I find awfully frieghtening. A client will have an architect create a set of plans. They will begin construction and then hire an interior designer. Separately, they hire a landscape architect. These three people never meet each other and are working as separate entities. Architects are great at designing the structure of the home, but many are not experts at space planning. This is where interior designers can really help. We consider the amount of space and use of the interior space.

Finally, please understand the best architects, interior designers, and landscape architects will be there from day one of your project until the day you move into your new home. ALL these principles should be hired for the duration of the project.
This is a long-term relationship. These individuals along with the contractor will be your dream team, collaborating to bring you the best outcome.

If you are ready to assemble your dream team and begin a new construction project, CONTACT US TODAY!



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