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As an interior designer, I look outside the world of interior design for inspiration.  Being a performer when I was younger, dance has always been a source of inspiration to me.  The whole process of creating a dance piece like designing a home.  I am so grateful to be living in Los Angeles at this time.  We are seeing a Renaissance of the visual and performing arts.

"Sheer animal magneticism." -San Francisco Weekly

Los Angeles local favorites BODYTRAFFIC are helping to establish a major center for contemporary dance. Founded by Lillian Barbeito and Tina Finkelman Berkett, BODYTRAFFIC has skyrocketed to the forefront of the concert dance world. The Joyce Theater Foundation named them "the company of the future", Dance Magazine's 25 to Watch in 2013, and The Los Angeles Times named them the Best of Culture.  The young company is already internationally recognized for their high quality of work.


3 Preludes with special guest pianist Inna Faliks

BODY TRAFFIC SANTA MONICA THE BROAD STAGE DEATH DEFYING DANCESThis nostalgic work captures the essence of American favorite composer, Gershwin’s sophistication and BODYTRAFFIC’s vivaciousness.  I can't wait to see this piece.  Gershwin is one of my favoriate composers, and I can't wait to see the personality of BODYTRAFFIC brings it to life.George Gershwin was one of the most significant American composers of the 20th century, known for popular stage and screen numbers as well as classical compositions.

George Gershwin was born on September 26, 1898, in Brooklyn, New York.  At age 15, Gershwin dropped out of school and began playing piano professionally. He was one of the most sought after musicians in America. A composer of jazz, opera and popular songs for stage and screen, many of his works are now standards within a few short years. Gershwin died immediately following brain surgery on July 11, 1937, at the age 38. 

In 1935, a decade after composing “Rhapsody in Blue,” Gershwin debuted his most ambitious composition, “Porgy and Bess.” The composition, which was based on the novel “Porgy” by Dubose Heyward, drew from both popular and classical influences. Gershwin called it his “folk opera,” and it is considered to not only be Gershwin’s most complex and best-known works, but also among the most important American musical compositions of the 20th century.

Following his success with “Porgy and Bess,” Gershwin moved to Hollywood and was hired to compose the music for a film titled “Shall We Dance,” starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It was while working on a follow-up film with Astaire that Gershwin’s life would come to an abrupt end.


Private Games: Chapter One (preview)

This work uses high-octane movement and penetrating imagery to bring the audience into a mysterious and explosive world created by choreographer, Anton Lachky.


Anton was born in 1982. He started to dance at the age of 5, in the prestigous folk dance company Maly Vtácnik. He continued his dance education at the J.L.Bellu Conservatory in Banská Bystrica, where he collaborated with friends and also participated in M.A.P.A. (Moving Academy for Performing Arts).

In 2001, he went on to train at the University of Bratislava with A. Teresa de Keersmeaker, followed by further training at P.A.R.T.S.

Touring 48 countries in all over the world for two years, Anton became member of Akram Khan Company in March 2004.

He has been invited in most of the european countries and has been teaching in Asia and North and South America, too.

"It's all about the pills" which will premiered in April 2015 is his latest creation.


Death Defying Dances (World Premiere!)

This is a colorful and soulful piece inspired by the persona and lyrics of Judy Henske, "Queen of the Beatniks."


Purchase your tickets to see BODYTRAFFIC live at The Broad Stage.  I will see you there!



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