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Luxury homes should be a place of comfort. Designing our life of luxury includes spaces where we can go without shoes.  Shoes worn in public can track all sorts of non-desirables (the list of which is longer that as Sepulveda Boulevard) into our sanctuaries where we should be free to go without shoes. How do we institute and politely enforce a no shoes rule in our homes?

"Awesome Etiquette" with Lizzie and Daniel Post is a podcast dedicated to modern day etiquette.

In Episode 67 Lizzie and Dan field questions from Canada and Korea about proper "no-shoes" rules and etiquette. You can skip to 31:55 to hear their answers.





The great shoe debate, and how to function while putting your guests comfort above your own.

Asking, to

Shoes go here, jackets in the closet, drinks are available there, asking a guest to remove shoes can be made as simple as inviting them to be fully comfortable guest in your home.

Post Institute on inviting guests to a No Shoes Rule Home: is most thoughtful to tell invited guests ahead of time that this is their rule so that they bring slippers or indoor shoes with them. Read the full Q & A here





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