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Some of our readers love liquor, and they also love to spread the love. But do they have to donate an expensive bottle to the party every time they BYOB? Or can they take it back at the end of the evening?

"Awesome Etiquette" with Lizzie and Daniel Post is a podcast dedicated to modern day etiquette.

In Episode 83 they explain what to do when a party is BYOB and you bring a braggadocious bottle to the bar to share with your loved ones. You can skip to 11:51 to hear their answer.

personalized liquor bottleIn the podcast Lizzie explains how her grandmother would bring her own bottle of Vodka to family dinners.  We don't recommend bringing your own "salad dressing bottle" along to ANY party, however there are some very nice options to bring your liquor to share along.

As you know, or should know by now, my ethos is designing a life of luxury. It's all in the details and details aren't always expensive, but they are important.  When you want to take along an expensive liquor to share at a party, but you don't want to "pour from the hip", why not take it in a custom bottle with your family name so there is no confusion at the end of the night where the bottle should end up? I've pictured here a smallish option that costs less than $25.00 and is hand carved by artisans at Crystal Imagery right here in the US.



The Constantine MacallanThe most expensive whisky in the world is known as “The Constantine” from Macallan distillery in Scotland, according to CNN Money.

Macallan – The Constantine

Recently at auction, a 6-litre crystal decanter of this single-malt whiskey, blended from 7 casks, fetched a neat sum of $628,205.

There are only four bottles of The Constantine in existence.

The previous record was also a Macallan blend, which sold for $460,000 in New York in 2010.



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