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If you want a home designed to cater to every minute aspect of what makes you comfortable, what you find beautiful, what allows you and your family members to function at 100% capacity, then there is no better investment than hiring a professional interior designer.


Because professional interior designers have something very few other people have: A natural born ability to see in 3D, in their mind’s eye, in scale, and in proportion.

If you hire the right interior designer for your personality and are honest with them from the beginning with respect to your budget, and give them free reign to create, based on your functional needs and based on all the details that you’ve discussed and agreed to ahead of time, and if you respect their ability to carry that forward and don’t micro-manage them, you will end up with a home that will, indeed, be one that will be remembered forever, by you, your family, your friends and your business associates as being original, comfortable, functional, a complete expression of you and your family’s personal style, and filled with inexpressible beauty.


hire an interior designer in la

The #1 Way Hiring An Interior Designer Saves You Money:

A designer’s ability to carefully listen to what you want, then to reflect back to you what they’ve heard, interpreted through their artistic vision into detailed 3D elevations so you have something clear and detailed to see and discuss and then, once approved, a set of working drawings to deliver to your contractor , even before starting any part of the project, is the #1 way hiring an interior designer saves you money.
So many costly mistakes can be avoided – not only financial mistakes, but mistakes that eat into your time, if you plan and organize your project carefully with a professional interior designer who can create and deliver a set of detailed elevations and working drawings to the various contractors associated with your remodeling or new construction project,  before starting the deposit and purchase cycle for architectural reconstruction, remodeling, appliances, furniture, fabrics, and finishes.


consult with an interior designer la 3The #2 Way Hiring An Interior Designer Saves You Money:

Interior Designers have thousands of resources at their disposal and, while you, yourself, may be able to find the same, or similar resources online, designers know, intimately, the customer service each of these sources can give you:  they know whether or not a particular manufacturer’s fabrics and finishes match dye lot to dye lot, they know how to specify specialty applications for custom cabinetry and upholstery so that the craftsmen and women making your furniture and upholstery understand, exactly, what you want, they know how each manufacturer handles the inevitable problems that arise and can steer you clear of those that are likely to cause problems, they know ordering times, they know the best sub-contractors, they understand how to advise you regarding contracts with subcontractors, they understand how to manage your job from inception through completion so that it causes the least amount of disruption in your life.
In short, they know EVERY detail of the business side of design, the project management side of design and this body of knowledge is impossible to gain without  years of experience.
Having access to a professional interior designer’s project management and resource knowledge expertise saves you money and insures that your investment yields, in the shortest amount of time possible, a home that functions and delights you and your family in every particular.




pick a los angeles interior designer 4The Third Way Hiring An Interior Designer Can Save You Money?

An Interior Designer Can Also Make You Money. You’re hiring a designer, for the combination of their skills as a creative artist, their value to you as an expert knowledge resource, their ability to manage your project from inception right through to completion, and their ability as an experienced service provider in cases of trouble or delays. These all add up to an investment in a savvy businessperson who can add so much value to your space that, when it’s time to lease or sell your property, you're free to ask for a premium price over what anyone else in your area might be able to get.



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los angeles before hiring an interior designer 5So whether you’ve tried to do it yourself but it has not worked out for you, or you’re trying to *save money* by doing it yourself, there really is no substitute for hiring a professional  interior designer and sharing your vision with them and then empowering them to make your vision sparkle brighter than you could ever have imagined through the lens of their knowledge, experience and artistic eye.

When all the options seem overwhelming, just remember this, because it really is true…






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