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Hidden water pools allow homeowners to have their cake and eat it too!

Imagine a pool that will conserve water and chemicals, keep yard debris out, grow with your kids, allow you to bbq in your courtyard then later take a dip all in the same space!

Having a pool undoubtedly adds value to your luxury home. California is in the middle of a historic drought, but we are all water babies!   You would love a pool, but real estate is at a prime and you just can't lose the land, kids are too young, fencing requirements are awful. There are literally millions of pro's and con's that any California homeowner can come up with when considering re-designing their yard, especially when you are considering installing a pool. 

These "invisipools" are in-ground pools that operate by allowing a custom platform or deck to raise or lower into the water. When not in use the pool area is secured from wandering toddlers, leaves and palm fronds that blow out of the trees.  When it's time to use the pool you select the depth from one (1) foot to six (6) feet and flip a switch.  Completely custom every time. 

Hidden water pools are good for the environment too! Because the water is not exposed to uv light constantly, hidden water pools do not require as many chemicals, and there is less evaporation conserving precious water.  Luxury all around, for you, your kids, your guests, your pocket book, and the environment!




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