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interior design intern Joanna Santos

Young and eager students make up the hopeful next generation of the working world.

They crave a combination of education and experience that will hopefully manifest itself into a viable career option. Desperate to understand their dream jobs, they wander into the working world under the title of “intern”.
My name is Joanna Santos, and I’m currently a summer intern for interior designer Aaron B. Duke. I’m currently a student at San Diego State University, studying interior design. I’m also the secretary for my school’s chapter of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers). Despite my comprehensive education, I’ve always known there is no substitute for experience. Eager to learn about more about the world of interior design, I searched for (and thankfully found) my first internship with Aaron here in Los Angeles.
Thus far, working with Aaron has been a whirlwind of hands-on experience and practical knowledge that no classroom can teach. The work is demanding and difficulties arise often. However, even with the challenges of being a young intern in a high paced professional world, this internship is confirming what I’ve known all along: I love interior design. To put it simply I love making beautiful things.



Intern Aspirations

I aspire to use architecture, décor, functionality, and style to enrich people’s lives, and that is exactly what is being done at Aaron B. Duke. This internship won’t be easy, but simplicity is not what I was looking for. Everything I was looking for, I found. I work at a wonderful place, filled with amazing individuals who serve people in the most beautiful and enriching of ways. The things I’ll learn this summer as an intern at Aaron B. Duke are the building blocks of my future, and that in itself, is a beautiful thing.






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