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The phrase "midcentury modern" was coined in the 1984 book Midcentury Modern: Furniture of the 1950's by Author Cara Greenberg. A broad description of everything from architecture to graphic design, it describes a timeframe specific to 1947-1957.

Many feel that the prolonged popularity of this particular design trend is due to familiarity and a desire for Baby Boomers to reconnect to their childhood. I love midcentury for its use of clean lines and minimalist nature.  Due to the very clean nature of this style, I can feature one or two quality pieces to punctuate color or change the purpose of a room. 

Urban living keeps this style alive and well.  Most of these pieces were designed for minimalistic post-war living in smaller homes. Generation X without ever knowing it has grown up surrounded at home, on television, and in the movies by midcentury modern design.

midcentury modern design mad men set men in black egg chairs midcentury modern

In the heart of Los Angles is Nichols Canyon

This densely wooded canyon in Los Angeles County California is full of wildlife is an oasis in a bustling city and a favorite jogging and cyclist road. Nestled below famed Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills, this unique area has become home to busy professionals and celebrities who call themselves Angelinos.  It should be no surprise to my readers that the homes here are airy, spacious and luxurious.



Midcentury Redux, a primary residence, is this homeowners oasis in the hills and it was important to her that natural elements be reflected throughout the design.  Marble, wood, animals and other natural elements play featured roles in each room.

I designed this getaway with a neutral color pallet inviting the natural elements of the hillside property inside while maintaining the clean modern feel the client was looking for in a home. 

The home's main entry features a bespoke floating solid slab providing both a unique and well-defined seating space for the owners and their guests to remove footwear after a hike in the surrounding mountains.

A niche powder-room makes effective use of every inch by placing a floating sink centered over a floor to ceiling mirror with lit cabinet. This small space is both functional and fashionable. The client often entertains and this design allows guests to take their time and return to the festivities composed and refreshed. The discrete storage provided in the backlit cabinet keeps first aid and other supplies within reach without needing to retreat into the private areas of the home while entertaining is .

midcentury modern office nicols canyon

The office features a Capiz Shell chandelier and bespoke single slab desk. The function of the space is clearly made for business. The rooms purpose is characterized by the impressive vinyl wallpaper designed by artist Richard Bettinger and wire desk chairs.

midcentury modern sitting room nicols canyonThe heart of this suburban sanctuary, affable and inviting is the spacious sitting room. Rich and warm linen, leather, and wood surfaces are again the premise of this pet-friendly household that leads into the large kitchen and breakfast area.

A stunning wall of marble unifies the kitchen and breakfast nook. I think it's here that I see the true nature of Midcentury Modern. I love the juxtaposition of flowing natural lines with the straight, clean steel countertops and fixtures.  The smooth grey stainless steel counters accentuating the veins throughout the wall and table top make this my favorite space in the house. It's natural, cool, clean and inviting, the skylight and windows open the space and just make it such a pleasant space to have coffee and conversation in.  It's simply an inviting space to come together and enjoy family and friends.

midcentury modern kitchen nicols canyon




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