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The world of modern luxury design abounds with endless possibilities by utilizing bespoke solutions.  Have you ever found the perfect piece of furniture only to discover it is too large or small for your space?  Many of the trade resources that cater to the design community offer custom furniture.  As a designer, I am not limited to only a handful of selections of fabrics and finishes.  I can also change the dimensions to create tailor made rooms.  My goal is to give each client solutions – designed only for them.

It doesn’t stop there...

Sometimes, I might find an end table in a showroom. I may fall in love with the style and aesthetic. This piece...


Bespoke Solutions

This piece would be great as a breakfast table.  By professional collaboration with my sales representative, we transform my dream, a breakfast table concept into a completely bespoke solution for my project.

What if you want something that no one else will have?  I can design custom furniture.  Often times, I love to design a custom furniture piece for a client.  Even if just one piece.  I work with local artisans who will create your one-of-a-kind piece.  You can even tour their workroom while it is being made for you.  It is the ultimate bespoke solution.

Aaron B Duke is ready to create a bespoke solution for your home; call now (310) 753-8833 to schedule your consultation.




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