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chinoiserie interior designChinoiserie (derived from the French word Chinois, meaning "Chinese") (pronunciation) is the European interpretation and imitation of Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions. It is especially true in studies of the decorative arts; garden design, architecture, literature, theater, and musical performances. 

First appearing in the 17th century, this early pop-culture trend was popularized in the 18th century due to the rise in trade with China and East Asia.

If you are looking for something special, a statement piece, this is it.

There is no design element that offers more versatility and style than flowers.  Every room should have flowers.  My personal choice is a grouping of chinoiserie featuring white orchids in blue and white porcelain urns and bowls. 

This touch of the orient brings beauty and sophistication to any space in your home.





Hand Painted Bespoke Chinoiserie

chinoiserie screen

I absolutely adore Chinoiserie used or displayed in any interior.  Recently, I selected a hand-painted wallpaper for a dining room from Gracie Studios.  This wallpaper is completely bespoke and tailored to each spaces specific needs.

chinoiserie from Rose Tarlow Melrose HouseOne of my favorite pieces of furniture is this

Hatfield Cabinet from Rose Tarlow Melrose House.

This stunning cabinet is an exquisite of chinoiserie. The Rose Tarlow piece features a gorgeous tete de negro crackled lacquer finish.


Do you need a little chinoiserie in interiors for your home? CALL NOW!



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