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Kempner Library Fireplace DerryMooreAD TheDevotedClassicistI remember being an interior design student.  Someone had donated a collection of Architectural Digest from the 1980’s.  As I thumbed through the pages, I was immediately drawn the same type of photos each time.

"I was drawn to page after page with images of homes that looked as though they would still be relevant today. For me, this is the definition of timeless interior design."

- Aaron B Duke

When I was young and shopping with my mother, she gave me one good piece of advice:  "Buy classic pieces and change the look or update it with accessories."  This tid bit became a hallmark of my personal style and aesthetic.

I encourage clients to design homes they will love for years to come.


Classic Neutrals

Designing your home is a financial investment that should last for more than a season or two.  My opinion is, choose classic pieces and neutral colors in the overall theme of your space.  It is a lot less expensive and much less invasive to change out accessories like kitchen canisters, pillows on a sofa, a hallway mirror, or a vase in your foyer than it is to buy a new sofa or change out flooring.

Timeless Design Inspiration: Nan Kempner's 79th Street Manhattan Apartment

The Timeless interior of Nan Kempner and Boaz Mazor's New York City home decorated in the late 1980's by California designer Michael Taylor remains timeless and beautiful as ever. (That is the library of the couple's apartment featured above.)

In fact, the power couple's classic home appeared 17 years after it was featured for the first time in a Derry Moore advertisement. 

Nan Kempner Master Bedroom Circa 1987Despite a series of warnings by her physicians about her personal health and a heavy travel and social calendar, the socialite extraordinaire, Nan Kempner honored her commitment to talk with a reporter from San Francisco shortly after Ronald Regan's funeral in 2004. She spoke about the power of publicity, personal style, and her hometown of San Francisco. 

During the afternoon long interview, the socialite spoke about the power of publicity, personal style, and her hometown of San Francisco. 

nan kempner park avenue bedroom

It was during this interview Kempner had this photo taken while discussing the enduring power of social prowess, her eye for design, and her life in San Francisco and New York during a tour of Michal Taylor designed Park Avenue Apartment.

Clearly, nearly two decades has passed and the beauty of this classic design is still relevant and functional. This Park Avenue apartment in the heart of Manhattan is just one example that proves inspired, timeless design is possible with client collaboration and professional interior design know-how.



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