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aaron b duke kitchen design for living“I don’t design homes. I design dreams!”

– Aaron B Duke

Every day I create something special, unique, and wonderful tailor-made – a home right out of a client's dreams! Every project is different. Every dream home is different. Every solution must be different. Every space must be as unique as every one of my client's. I create a lifestyle others aspire to achieve. I will make your dreams reality.

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Each project starts with a two-hour design consultation ($500). This is a collaborative effort between the client (you) and myself. Here, we discuss the scope of the project, problems, functions, aesthetics, preferences, style, color, mood, harmony, contrast, comfort, and fit. By the end of this session, I have collected information to begin creating their specific design.

With a list of your desires and requirements, I begin to write a story for you (my client) through pictures. My inspiration for dream spaces may come from design, art, architecture, fashion, history, culture, nature, location, travel, music, etc. For me, it isn’t just designing you a room; it is about updating and upgrading your lifestyle. This process really is daydreaming. After all, in your dreams the possibilities are endless.

In your dreams the possibilities are endless.


Clients come to me to create spaces for living, working, playing, relaxing. In my opinion, the best designs start with space planning – what is the client's dream? By creating spaces that adequately maximize lighting, views, and functionality I take into consideration the shape and size of the space. The architecture of each space becomes the bedrock upon which each design will flourish.  It is only then that I may begin to visualize the possibilities.

aaron b duke kitchen design for living 2The lifestyle images create a framework for the senses. This is the time that I begin to layer architectural finishes, lighting design, furniture, fabrics, art and accessories to create this dream. It is this layering that produces the lifestyle you have, until now, only dreamt of.

By the time we get to the first presentation, each design has become a part of me. I have engrossed myself in the appearance, texture, flavor, scent, and sounds of a client's dream. I can smell the room fragrance. I can hear the soundtrack. I can feel and see everything in its place. From the moment arrive at your home; I have curated an experience for you and your guest to appreciate.

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