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custom furniture

The world of modern luxury design abounds with endless possibilities by utilizing bespoke solutions.  Have you ever found the perfect piece of furniture only to discover it is too large or small for your space?  Many of the trade resources that cater to the design community offer custom furniture.  As a designer, I am not limited to only a handful of selections of fabrics and finishes.  I can also change the dimensions to create tailor made rooms.  My goal is to give each client solutions – designed only for them.

It doesn’t stop there...

Sometimes, I might find an end table in a showroom. I may fall in love with the style and aesthetic. This piece...


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Investing in a luxury interior designer is a financial commitment that will actually save you money rather than trying to do it yourself. In the long run, it also adds value to your home when it comes time to sell.

After the initial consultation where I have spent two hours discovering your needs, what you want, what you don’t want, your taste, your opinions, what you love, and what you dislike, I go to work preparing a proposal based on the Scope of Work and Scope of Services that will be executed through out the design process.  We charge a $500 consultation fee for this service.

The Flat Fee

As a luxury designer, I charge an initial flat fee based on square footage, typically $5 - $15 per square foot for my creative vision, which is dependent on scope of work and scope of services. For instance, if your home is 10,000 square feet, and I charge you $10.00 per square foot this is $100,000.  Included in this fee are; the interior design concept, the formal interior design concept presentation and client approval, the design development, the formal design development presentation, and the hard and soft goods proposals and approval. This is standard within the high-end luxury residential design industry.

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chinoiserie interior designChinoiserie (derived from the French word Chinois, meaning "Chinese") (pronunciation) is the European interpretation and imitation of Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions. It is especially true in studies of the decorative arts; garden design, architecture, literature, theater, and musical performances. 

First appearing in the 17th century, this early pop-culture trend was popularized in the 18th century due to the rise in trade with China and East Asia.

If you are looking for something special, a statement piece, this is it.

There is no design element that offers more versatility and style than flowers.  Every room should have flowers.  My personal choice is a grouping of chinoiserie featuring white orchids in blue and white porcelain urns and bowls. 

This touch of the orient brings beauty and sophistication to any space in your home.



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Kempner Library Fireplace DerryMooreAD TheDevotedClassicistI remember being an interior design student.  Someone had donated a collection of Architectural Digest from the 1980’s.  As I thumbed through the pages, I was immediately drawn the same type of photos each time.

"I was drawn to page after page with images of homes that looked as though they would still be relevant today. For me, this is the definition of timeless interior design."

- Aaron B Duke

When I was young and shopping with my mother, she gave me one good piece of advice:  "Buy classic pieces and change the look or update it with accessories."  This tid bit became a hallmark of my personal style and aesthetic.

I encourage clients to design homes they will love for years to come.


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rooms for living suzanne rheinstein

“Living well every day is much more important than getting your house together only for special occasions.” – Suzanne Rheinstein

Suzanne Rheinstein is an internationally recognized interior designer and the owner of Hollyhock, the renowned home furnishing and accessories shop, known for its unique antiques and decorative pieces. Her signature style is often described as elegant civility—“fewer things but better things”- encompassing a mixture of beautiful objects, furniture styles, personal art, painted surfaces, and great attention to comfort, textures,

Her signature style is often described as elegant civility—“fewer things but better things”- encompassing a mixture of beautiful objects, furniture styles, personal art, painted surfaces, and great attention to comfort, textures, details, and light.

Start Living well today!  Call me at (310)-753-8833

I was privileged to meet Suzanne Rheinstein at the Los Angeles Art Show ( this past January where the inspirational designer gave a talk about ‘Art in Interiors’, and signed copies of her new book "Rooms For Living". 

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interior designer aaron b duke sm

Aaron B Duke’s relationship with a client is the heart of his business. 

Our two-hour consultations allows time to understand each client’s needs, wants, desires, and budget before we proceed.  It is also an opportunity for Aaron B Duke to determine if this is a project he would like to proceed with and extend a formal proposal. 


A formal proposal is comprised of five criteria that we have determined, in the course of serving our discerning clientele, are imperative for the designer and client to have a positive experience.


In every aspect of our lives, we seek out professionals who are experts in their fields. But it’s not simply a service; it’s a relationship. With Aaron, you’re trusting him to help you build your dreams.  Trust is everything. Ultimately, what you and Aaron are both seeing is a design partnership.


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aaron b duke kitchen design for living“I don’t design homes. I design dreams!”

– Aaron B Duke

Every day I create something special, unique, and wonderful tailor-made – a home right out of a client's dreams! Every project is different. Every dream home is different. Every solution must be different. Every space must be as unique as every one of my client's. I create a lifestyle others aspire to achieve. I will make your dreams reality.

CALL ME TODAY (310-753-8833)

Each project starts with a two-hour design consultation ($500). This is a collaborative effort between the client (you) and myself. Here, we discuss the scope of the project, problems, functions, aesthetics, preferences, style, color, mood, harmony, contrast, comfort, and fit. By the end of this session, I have collected information to begin creating their specific design.

With a list of your desires and requirements, I begin to write a story for you (my client) through pictures. My inspiration for dream spaces may come from design, art, architecture, fashion, history, culture, nature, location, travel, music, etc. For me, it isn’t just designing you a room; it is about updating and upgrading your lifestyle. This process really is daydreaming. After all, in your dreams the possibilities are endless.

In your dreams the possibilities are endless.


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Twyla Tharp the collaborative habitOn a plane ride from Los Angeles to Dallas, I tasked myself with reading, The Collaborative Habit, Life Lessons for Working Together, by Twyla Tharp.

I wanted to know what others creative types had to say about collaboration, and how I could apply it to interior design. What I realized is that collaboration is an integral part of my daily life.

Many of us may not realize it, but we collaborate with others every day. For instance, I was planning an evening out with a couple of friends with our final destination being The Wallis Annenberg Centre for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills to see Love Letters. We knew we had to be at the theater at 8:00 PM. Where would we have dinner? Would we meet for drinks before-hand? What would we do after the show? Who would drive? All these questions lead to a collaboration of friends to create the perfect evening out on the town. You see, we collaborate with one another each day - without realizing it - we create.

For me, interior design is creating the built environment along with a cast of co-collaborators. First and foremost, my client is the number one collaborator. I want to know how they intend to use a space. How do they live?




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