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hire an interior designer in la1

If you want a home designed to cater to every minute aspect of what makes you comfortable, what you find beautiful, what allows you and your family members to function at 100% capacity, then there is no better investment than hiring a professional interior designer.


Because professional interior designers have something very few other people have: A natural born ability to see in 3D, in their mind’s eye, in scale, and in proportion.

If you hire the right interior designer for your personality and are honest with them from the beginning with respect to your budget, and give them free reign to create, based on your functional needs and based on all the details that you’ve discussed and agreed to ahead of time, and if you respect their ability to carry that forward and don’t micro-manage them, you will end up with a home that will, indeed, be one that will be remembered forever, by you, your family, your friends and your business associates as being original, comfortable, functional, a complete expression of you and your family’s personal style, and filled with inexpressible beauty.


hire an interior designer in la

The #1 Way Hiring An Interior Designer Saves You Money:

A designer’s ability to carefully listen to what you want, then to reflect back to you what they’ve heard, interpreted through their artistic vision into detailed 3D elevations so you have something clear and detailed to see and discuss and then, once approved, a set of working drawings to deliver to your contractor , even before starting any part of the project, is the #1 way hiring an interior designer saves you money.
So many costly mistakes can be avoided – not only financial mistakes, but mistakes that eat into your time, if you plan and organize your project carefully with a professional interior designer who can create and deliver a set of detailed elevations and working drawings to the various contractors associated with your remodeling or new construction project,  before starting the deposit and purchase cycle for architectural reconstruction, remodeling, appliances, furniture, fabrics, and finishes.


consult with an interior designer la 3The #2 Way Hiring An Interior Designer Saves You Money:

Interior Designers have thousands of resources at their disposal and, while you, yourself, may be able to find the same, or similar resources online, designers know, intimately, the customer service each of these sources can give you:  they know whether or not a particular manufacturer’s fabrics and finishes match dye lot to dye lot, they know how to specify specialty applications for custom cabinetry and upholstery so that the craftsmen and women making your furniture and upholstery understand, exactly, what you want, they know how each manufacturer handles the inevitable problems that arise and can steer you clear of those that are likely to cause problems, they know ordering times, they know the best sub-contractors, they understand how to advise you regarding contracts with subcontractors, they understand how to manage your job from inception through completion so that it causes the least amount of disruption in your life.
In short, they know EVERY detail of the business side of design, the project management side of design and this body of knowledge is impossible to gain without  years of experience.
Having access to a professional interior designer’s project management and resource knowledge expertise saves you money and insures that your investment yields, in the shortest amount of time possible, a home that functions and delights you and your family in every particular.


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Holidays celebrations should be filled all of life's delights! Shouldn't we celebrate them surrounded by loved ones immersed in divine splendor serving delicious treats prepared by passionate professionals?

AARON B DUKE and CHOUX CHOUX – both known for quality and craftsmanship - are here to take the stress out of the holidays for you.  Let us coordinate the decoration, catering, and event planning for your home, office, or special venue – tailor-made for you! We offer detailed first class service event planning with passionate dedication, every step of the way. CHOUX CHOUX’s catering specializes in boundary crossing flavors, with an upscale, handcrafted, and eco-conscious approach.

How would you like the expertise of international design authority AARON B DUKE, and a sensory experience filled with not only passionate design and elegant displays but exquisite cuisine and flawless service from CHOUX CHOUX for your holiday parties and events?

Well then, the holidays are quickly approaching! Let's get planning, we can help you achieve those goals!

An event's meal and complementing design is always met with inspired excitement of the creative possibilities each opportunity to design a sumptuous meal or joyous holiday gathering by each of our planners.  Our unparalleled holiday design and planning services include:


PHOTO 4 78384

CHOUX CHOUX offers a delightful array of organic, farm fresh, and cutting edge cuisine all served up in the finest thematic displays that CHOUX CHOUX Los Angeles is famous for.  This is full-service catering, at it’s best!


PHOTO 5 37794

Are you looking for innovative bar services with handcrafted elixirs, bitters and worldly organic flavorings, creating one-of-a-kind cocktails and bars?  CHOUX CHOUX can make your dreams come true!


DESIGNprofessional holiday entertaining

How would you like a fully conceptualized design for full event themes, lighting, holiday decorations, flowers, favors, tenting, branding incorporation, corporate & private events?  We can create festive environments your guest will be in awe of.



Corporate events, destination events, fundraisers and private parties of any and all kinds, in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond the only limit is our imaginations!  Think of the splendor we can work together!

choux choux

We have unlimited resources; including the finest staffing services, Los Angeles metro locations, small & intimate to grand venues capable of seating every guest in your book.

Aaron B Duke and CHOUX CHOUX will also handle the party details. We can arrange all security, valet, photography, videography, and entertainment that will leave a lasting impression on each and every one of your guests for years to come.  

If you are ready to experience the luxury experience and impeccable dining services provided by the internationally renowned designer AARON B DUKE and the infamous (read most talked about in Los Angeles!) CHOUX CHOUX this holiday season, please contact us now!




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Congratulations!  We are so excited to be designing your dream home.  We understand that you have entrusted us with creating the vision for your home.  This is going to be a wonderful experience for you.  It is our great honor and pleasure to walk you through the process, relax you're in the the hands of professional's who have designed their business around the daily ethos of creation, of luxury, both lifestyle and space.

Based on your requests, the initial design study criteria, your preferences, and feedback, we will prepare  a comprehensive Design Concept.  It might include structural layout options, floor plans, a color scheme, material and surface selections, as well as preliminary selections of furniture, window treatments, floor coverings, lighting, and fabrics.

interior design concepts

The interior design concept will be luxuriously

Presented in a luxury box, gift-like, wrapped in delicate paper, sealed with a gold AARON B DUKE seal, and wrapped in our signature blue ribbon bow.  This Interior Design Concept will be formally presented to you for your feedback and approval.  Dependent on your specific design project, you'll be presented with sketches, materials, fabric samples, and other visual aids at this time to assist you in fully visualizing and understanding my design concept and plan.  

In addition, a preliminary budget of goods and services will also be presented during the design presentation.  For this reason, we require all decisions makers be present for the meeting.

During the meeting, we will present one option of each design elements and overall plan.  We have spent countless hours planning with careful consideration of the best solutions to your home design.  Should there be elements of the design that need to be refined, researched or sourced, we will do so quickly and verify your final approval of each item.  It is of utmost importance to make decisions expeditiously throughout this phase.  From time-to-time, vendor pricing and product availability can often change if more if more than 30 days pass.

We guarantee that your needs, wants, and desires be taken care of throughout every step.  Let us attend to the details and leave you to enjoy your beautiful dream home with your family and friends for years to come.


Congratulations! Now ... Let’s Begin!

Call us TODAY (310-753-8833)

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ios bathroom scale apple healthI have a love/hate relationship with this “smart scale

I love it cause it provides more than just a number to obsess over via Bluetooth Connectivity on iOS & Android Devices. (I hate it for the same reasons!) Plus, I absolutely love the sleek, clean lines and low profile, OH and did I mention it’s Bluetooth compatible and connect to your phone (apple ios or android) via blue tooth.  

So this handy bathroom gadget gives you so much information! By keeping track of your muscle mass, bone density, water weight, and fat levels and showing in great detail what progress you are making.  It definitely gives me a better idea of what's going on, was it water weight, fat or muscle?   

I learned quickly that one must take off their socks for the measurements to work correctly. Otherwise, the scale will just measure weight. The digital numbers are clear on a beautiful back lit oval display or you can see all your numbers on the app, including Apple Health that works in sync with my watch (or your fit bit) after it transmits.


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Gab McNeil head shot

It's not often I discover another designer with an exacting eye for detail that matches my own.  Gab McNeil, featured in GQ Magazine (Sept 2015) is one of those designers.

His website touts that he is a third generation designer and that his "artistic expression was always innate" in his spirit.

"As a product designer I seek to merge aesthetic, fashion, and art into powerful products. Design informs the shape and function of products I create, passion speaks to the impact I wish it will have on the user."


Looking for something special and hand-crafted, check out


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Hidden water pools allow homeowners to have their cake and eat it too!

Imagine a pool that will conserve water and chemicals, keep yard debris out, grow with your kids, allow you to bbq in your courtyard then later take a dip all in the same space!

Having a pool undoubtedly adds value to your luxury home. California is in the middle of a historic drought, but we are all water babies!   You would love a pool, but real estate is at a prime and you just can't lose the land, kids are too young, fencing requirements are awful. There are literally millions of pro's and con's that any California homeowner can come up with when considering re-designing their yard, especially when you are considering installing a pool. 

These "invisipools" are in-ground pools that operate by allowing a custom platform or deck to raise or lower into the water. When not in use the pool area is secured from wandering toddlers, leaves and palm fronds that blow out of the trees.  When it's time to use the pool you select the depth from one (1) foot to six (6) feet and flip a switch.  Completely custom every time. 

Hidden water pools are good for the environment too! Because the water is not exposed to uv light constantly, hidden water pools do not require as many chemicals, and there is less evaporation conserving precious water.  Luxury all around, for you, your kids, your guests, your pocket book, and the environment!


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interior lighting design

Great lighting design is an art and a science.  It can set the mood or atmosphere. We have all either walked into a room or seen photos in a magazine were the lighting design was an added layer of sophistication. 

The American Lighting Association recognizes three types of lighting for a good lighting plan that addresses function and style for a home.


•    Ambient light
•    Task light
•    Accent light

Ambient lighting, also known as general lighting provides overall illumination, which allows you to see and walk about safely.  It can be accomplished with chandeliers, ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures, recessed or track lights and with lanterns mounted on the outside of the home. Having a central source of ambient light in all rooms is fundamental to a good lighting plan.

Task lighting helps you perform specific tasks, such as reading, grooming, preparing and cooking food, doing homework, working on hobbies, playing games and balancing your checkbook. It can be provided by recessed and track lighting, pendant lighting and under cabinet lighting, as well as by portable floor and desk lamps. Task lighting should be free of distracting glare and shadows and should be bright enough to prevent eyestrain.

Accent lighting adds drama to a room by creating visual interest. As part of an interior design scheme, it is used to draw the eye to houseplants, paintings, sculptures and other prized possessions. It can also be used to highlight the texture of a brick or stonewall, window treatments or outdoor landscaping.

To be effective, accent lighting requires as least three times as much light on the focal point as the general lighting surrounding it. Accent lighting is usually provided by recessed and track lighting or wall-mounted picture lights.

Do you need a little light in your life? Ready to schedule your consultation for your one-of-a-kind lighting design?

Call us TODAY (310-753-8833)


Photo Credit:  Architectural Digest, Rockwell Group, New York Edition Hotel

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designer rose tarlow architectural digest 91No interior decor is ideal without one antique piece.

In my opinion, an antique's patina, age, wear, and a good story are all a part of its charm and desirability.

I love adding antique or vintage pieces into interior decors. All the other furniture might be brand new, but it is those less than perfect pieces that give a home that sense of character. An antique's patina, age, wear, create the setting for a good story. Their very presence invites a lively conversation!

Refinishing antiques and vintage finds is always an option. Some prefer to restore them to their original condition. For me, I think the beauty is in the imperfections. I especially love when clients come with their own collections. Often times, an item's history has a fantastic adventurous family myth or sentimental drama attached to it. Maybe it was a breakfront secretary used by your great-great aunt who was a suffragette or a set of hand carved teak nesting tables brought home from a missionary trip.  A husband's wedding gift passed from mother to daughter, a true generational family heirloom.



If you are excited about antiques and vintage treasure, and you would like me to incorporate into your new home

Call For An Appointment TODAY 310.753.8833

Photo: Architectural Digest, Rose Tarlow 1991
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interior design in home consultation luxury professionalThe first phase of any design project starts with a consultation. 

This is probably the most crucial step to beginning any home or office design project.  We like to treat it as a celebration and bring artisan, salted fennel caramels sprinkled in 24K gold from chocolatier Vivere Chocolates and a bottle of champagne. Here's to a long-lasting and positive relationship with AARON B DUKE. Congratulations!

We are delighted to begin working with you!  We are so very  grateful that you have entrusted the vision of your dream home to us.  This is a wonderful experience for you.  What a great honor and pleasure it is to walk you through this process.  We assure you, you are in good hands.

The initial design study will include a two-hour consultation ($500).  We begin with a detailed questionnaire to gather pertinent information to clarify who the main contact(s) and decision maker(s) will be, the scope of your project and the direction of the design.

interior designers inspirationWe want to understand what is important to you and how to make your home blend perfectly with your lifestyle.  Be honest.  Tell us your wishes, wants, and desires.  Let us know what you love about each room, but don’t be afraid to share your dislikes, as well.  How do you use each space or how do you imagine using each space.  Is there a color you absolutely love or one you detest – tell us.  What type of design styles do you like?  Is there a favorite vacation destination that you would like us to evoke that look or feeling?  Maybe you feel comfortable talking about fashion.   Tell us the designers or looks you really like.  We can translate that into a design.

We want to tell your story and make sure you are surrounded with things you love.

If you have architectural plans available, we will need you to provide those to use.  Perhaps you do not.  Don’t worry.  We can create them for you.  If you have a contractor or other tradespeople you would like us to work with, we are more than willing to collaborate with them on your home.  In addition, we have relationships with many contractors and tradespeople who are the best in their fields of expertise that we are more than happy to refer to you.

This is just the beginning.  We will schedule a meeting in a few weeks to review your preliminary design concept ideas and develop the foundation for your formal interior design concept.

Are you ready to begin the design of your dream home? Please contact AARON B DUKE at (310) 753-8833 to schedule an in-home consultation now.

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White Shirt 1 52563

For some, the most boring and mundane design pallets can be white.

For me, white is classic, timeless, and versatile. Nothing is better than a crisp, white dress shirt for a man.

You can dress it up in a suit or wear it casually with jeans. It is always a classy look that withstands time and provides the ultimate in flexibility. Many times while packing for a trip, I bring extra white shirts to ensure I will be ready for any occasion.

Sils and Huniford 19226

In fact, Benjamin Moore chose Simply White, OC-117 as their 2016 Color of the Year. It works well on ceilings, kitchens, bathrooms, walls, trim, and even exteriors.

I often prefer white walls with a slight warmth to them. This allows for me to showcase art and artifacts with ease. Whether it is a contemporary or traditional space, white walls can highlight the interior architectural elements.

In my opinion, nothing compares to the freshness of white cabinets in a kitchen or bathroom, and it provides a clean, neutral setting to use with natural stone finishes.

Do you need assistance in selecting the perfect white for your home?

CALL TODAY 310.753.8833 to schedule your consultation



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