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glazed ceramic ware, in particular decorated tin-glazed earthenware of the type that includes delftware and maiolica.

as found on Wikipedia:
The term "faience" has been extended to include finely glazed ceramic beads, figures, and other small objects found in Egypt as early as 4000 BC and elsewhere in the Ancient Near East, the Indus Valley Civilization and Europe. However this material is not pottery at all, containing no clay, but a vitreous frit, either self-glazing or glazed. The Metropolitan Museum of Art displays a faience hippopotamus from Meir, Egypt, dated to Dynasty 12, ca. 1981–1885 BC.

Examples of ancient faience are also found in Minoan Crete, which was likely influenced by Egyptian culture. Faience material, for instance, has been recovered from the Knossos archaeological site.

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