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Do you have a room that just doesn't "feel right" but can't figure out why? Have you ever bought the "perfect" paint color, only to be disappointed at how it actually looks on your wall?


Color is the single most important visible element of any design. It's no wonder that people agonize over it. Choosing the right color can be a daunting task; choosing the wrong one can prove to be frustrating. Good or bad, color is one of the easiest ways to change a space immediately. Selecting the correct colors can be difficult for most people. Natural lighting and artificial lighting, furnishings, art, flooring and many other elements can affect the way a color looks in a space.

The color you love can look one way in one space, but completely different (and awful) in another. It can raise or lower ceilings and color can make a room feel larger or smaller. Color intensity and color value can play a big role in the selection of correct colors, too. Trends and traditions are important to be aware of, but can’t be the only driving force in the selection of a proper color for a particular space. The selection of color is important to coordinate with existing elements or adjacent areas.

Color promotes emotional responses and has a profound effect on the way a person lives, thinks and feels. It has a biological and psychological influence on mood and more. For example, it is known that people feel calmer and more focused in softer blue and green rooms. Soft yellows and oranges are cheerful and comforting. Brown can relieve irritability and fatigue. Many other colors can have subconscious affects too. Also, some people have adversities to colors from their past and we help determine that in our initial consultation. We want our clients to feel good and enjoy their surroundings.

We work with most major paint lines, such as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Dunn Edwards or with our exclusive line Rocky Rochon Paint. Along with using the paint decks, we have larger professional swatches that help in selecting the proper colors for your home or place of business. Also, we can order large 8 x 11 paper samples from most major paint vendors if needed.

As your color consultant, AARON B DUKE makes sure the right colors welcome you home, grab attention with curb appeal, entice shoppers to stop in and just make you feel good. From multi- and single-family developments, retail, and commercial projects to residences, we, as color advisors, create environments that connect with people.

Make the right choice! Contact designer AARON B DUKE before it's too late!


Pre-consultation phone call – Prior to your consultation, AARON B DUKE will call you to get a better understanding of your personal decorating style, as well as the specifics of your project.

During your two-hour consultation, AARON B DUKE will create a custom color palette that fits your decorating style. You will also receive product and overall project advice that will help give your space a professional, finished appearance.

Why you should consider hiring a color consultant for your next project:

  1. Whether your taste runs toward trendy or traditional, a color consultant will create color schemes that will enhance any room design, taking the room's walls, trim, ceiling, and other architectural features into consideration.
  2. A consultant is knowledgeable about the various paint products on the market and can recommend the right ones for your project.
  3. A consultant will work with your existing furnishings and accessories if you're not planning to replace them. A fresh coat of paint makes any space look new, and the right color combinations can unify existing elements.
  4. A color consultant will work with you on large or small projects, whether you will do them yourself or plan on hiring a professional.
  5. Your favorite color may be red; but what is the best red for your bedroom? All colors have undertones that may not be apparent to most people. A trained expert can correctly identify which undertones are compatible.
  6. AARON B DUKE understands the psychology of color, and knows how to achieve the highly desirable and harmonious color flow you seek for your home or commercial space.
  7. Colors look different under different lighting conditions. AARON B DUKE understands this important factor and how paint colors absorb light, and will make sure that the romantic red you pick does not end up looking orange.
  8. AARON B DUKE will collaborate with you to ensure you get the result you want to achieve the first time.
  9. AARON B DUKE knows how to "dress" your home or commercial space with color, inside and out.
  10. Not only will AARON B DUKE find the best colors for your home based on functionality, your lifestyle, and your personal taste, he can also give you great decorating ideas that you can apply to any space.

Residential Exteriors

Give your home a facelift! Your home is your sanctuary. It should reflect who you are and how you live. Rejuvenate those colors that made you fall in love with your home or create a vibrant and exciting new look. A professionally painted residential exterior will not only boost the curb appeal and value of your home, it will transform your home into a unique personal statement.

Residential Interiors

Reimagine your interiors...Renew your home’s interior with an original color palette that combines your personal taste with unparalleled expertise. AARON B DUKE offers color guidance in the selection of paint, architectural finishes, fixtures, and furnishings.

Commercial Exteriors

Make a great first impression! Your success depends on making the best possible first impression on potential customers while maintaining a trusted company image for existing ones. Let AARON B DUKE help you create an inviting, professional space that lets your customers know who you are and what your company stands for. AARON B DUKE can also show you how color can be used to attract customers and lead them to buy.

Commercial Interiors

Better your business and your bottom line. The decisions you make about color are as important as your other business decisions. Physiological and psychological influences of workplace color also extend to your customers and your employees. AARON B DUKE will show you how color can boost workplace productivity and instantly affect your customers’ decisions so you can get the greatest benefit from your color choices.

With so many paint colors and finishes to choose from, it makes sense to hire AARON B DUKE who can take the guesswork out of the equation and create the color palette that is right for your space and your lifestyle.



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