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Congratulations!  We are so excited to be designing your dream home.  We understand that you have entrusted us with creating the vision for your home.  This is going to be a wonderful experience for you.  It is our great honor and pleasure to walk you through the process, relax you're in the the hands of professional's who have designed their business around the daily ethos of creation, of luxury, both lifestyle and space.

Based on your requests, the initial design study criteria, your preferences, and feedback, we will prepare  a comprehensive Design Concept.  It might include structural layout options, floor plans, a color scheme, material and surface selections, as well as preliminary selections of furniture, window treatments, floor coverings, lighting, and fabrics.

interior design concepts

The interior design concept will be luxuriously

Presented in a luxury box, gift-like, wrapped in delicate paper, sealed with a gold AARON B DUKE seal, and wrapped in our signature blue ribbon bow.  This Interior Design Concept will be formally presented to you for your feedback and approval.  Dependent on your specific design project, you'll be presented with sketches, materials, fabric samples, and other visual aids at this time to assist you in fully visualizing and understanding my design concept and plan.  

In addition, a preliminary budget of goods and services will also be presented during the design presentation.  For this reason, we require all decisions makers be present for the meeting.

During the meeting, we will present one option of each design elements and overall plan.  We have spent countless hours planning with careful consideration of the best solutions to your home design.  Should there be elements of the design that need to be refined, researched or sourced, we will do so quickly and verify your final approval of each item.  It is of utmost importance to make decisions expeditiously throughout this phase.  From time-to-time, vendor pricing and product availability can often change if more if more than 30 days pass.

We guarantee that your needs, wants, and desires be taken care of throughout every step.  Let us attend to the details and leave you to enjoy your beautiful dream home with your family and friends for years to come.


Congratulations! Now ... Let’s Begin!

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