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Investing in a luxury interior designer is a financial commitment that will actually save you money rather than trying to do it yourself. In the long run, it also adds value to your home when it comes time to sell.

After the initial consultation where I have spent two hours discovering your needs, what you want, what you don’t want, your taste, your opinions, what you love, and what you dislike, I go to work preparing a proposal based on the Scope of Work and Scope of Services that will be executed through out the design process.  We charge a $500 consultation fee for this service.

The Flat Fee

As a luxury designer, I charge an initial flat fee based on square footage, typically $5 - $15 per square foot for my creative vision, which is dependent on scope of work and scope of services. For instance, if your home is 10,000 square feet, and I charge you $10.00 per square foot this is $100,000.  Included in this fee are; the interior design concept, the formal interior design concept presentation and client approval, the design development, the formal design development presentation, and the hard and soft goods proposals and approval. This is standard within the high-end luxury residential design industry.


Furniture, Decorative Accessories, and Art Procurement

I will be sourcing and procuring furniture, art and accessories for you. Furniture and decor item purchasing is a very small part of the overall luxury interior design process, but an important one.

AARON B DUKE will pass on to you their designer net cost with a 30% management, procurement, and expedition of goods and services to handle, the research and meetings necessary to get all furniture, art, decorative accessories, and lighting specified; as well as the managing of the paperwork associated with placing your orders, the follow up required with specialty vendors on each individual item, and the troubleshooting for any delays or delivery issues that arise.


All furniture and other soft goods shall be received and warehoused until the project site is complete and all goods have been received and inspected. At this time, an installation and reveal will be scheduled. The client shall be financially responsible for the shipping, receiving, warehousing, delivery, and installation.


Within flat design fee, this includes a one-hour client or site visit per week.  Should additional visits be required for home visits, meetings, or job site visits - just like a doctor, lawyer, or other professional - I will charge you for project management on a per hour basis, of $250.00 per hour.


AARON B DUKE shall coordinate all aspects of the installation of all soft goods. The client shall be off site during the installation. Once the installation is complete the client shall arrive at the site for a complete reveal of the final design in place.

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